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Federations and official sites
Belgian federation for Ultralight (Microlight) aircrafts
Federale Overheidsdienst Mobiliteit en Vervoer (for Belgium)
Links to all the federations in Germany
Deutscher Ultraleichflugverband (German Microlight federation)
European federation for Microlight
French federation for Microlight FFPLUM
PFA Popular Flying association - Now changed to LAA Light Aircraft Association Light Aircraft Association
British Microlight federation BMMA
Aviazione Leggera Online. Everything about Microlight in Italy
Danish ultralight flying association
Belgian Balloon federation Belgian Balloon Federation
EAA Aviation interests (US)
The "BEA" is an official french organism for technical research of incidents and accidents with aircrafts
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Site for Rotax owners: with technical info, service instructions, video instructions, ....
Aviation News (Dutch site about Belgium)
Made by photographer Paul Van Caesbroeck and freelance journalist Frans Van Humbeek
Airsport TV videos about Aerobatics, Modelling, Parachutes, Balloons, Gliding, Microlight , Air Races,...
Aviation humor
Vintage Posters
Events - Fly-in 's - Meetings - Aviation fairs
You can add the event of your club (Eng-Deu-NL- FR)
Aviation musea in Europe Aviation Musea
Theory and intresting things.
Advanced Aerodynamics explained Aerodynamica
Practical handbooks (english) for aircrafts, balloons,gliders, rotorcraft, micro light testflying, waterplane,.... FAA Handbooks
Theoretical training about principles of flying, airspace,... (english) FAA Training
Site with lots of intresting lessons, books,... in pdf .(English) Some of them more than 300 pages. Titles as: Weight & Balance, Secure your aircraft, Fuel Management, Helicopter Performance, Mountain Flying, Winter Flying, Bird Hasards, Wake Turbulence, Aircraft Icing Handbook.,.. this is a site of the civil aviation authority of New Zealand, so you also have lots of information about New Zealand Good aviation Practices
Dutch site (PPL theory)
Short explanation about aerodynamic forces, weight and lift, propeller, flaps, drag, angle of attack,... (English)
Dutch site about the airspace in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, with links to sites about the airspace of France, Austria en Switzerland.
Navigation course (Eng and NL) Navigation course(Eng)
Navigatie cursus (NL)
How to fly your airplane better.
From "Energy awareness" to "Flight maneuvers".
See how it flies
Civil aircraft register of the world
Sharing of flights. Share your costs as passager or as a pilot.(NL)
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Warbird Mustang P 51
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