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Celebration 100 Years Airfield Bonn/Hangelar 2009

Warbird Mustang P-51
( 100 Years Airfield Bonn-Hangelar - made by

100 Years Airfield Bonn/Hangelar: Before the show & Part 1 of the airshow (by
Airshow part 1: Parachute Drop, Quax Corso with historical Aircrafts:
Stieglitz FW44, Stampe SV4C, DH82 Tiger Moth, Bücker Jungmann,
DH1 Chipmunk, Klemm 107B, Banner launching with Piper PA-12

100 Years Airfield Bonn/Hangelar Part 2 (made by
with aerobatic flight PT-17 Boeing Stearman, Gyrocopter, Büsumer Piper-team (5*PA-18) ,
aerobatic flight Harvard T-6, Fiesler Storch, Pioneer 200 team

100 Years Airfield Bonn-Hangelar part 3(2009) (made by
Helicopter show German Police in action

100 Years Airfield Bonn-Hangelar Part4 (made by Yellow Eagle)
Wingwalking Peggy Krainz with Boeing Stearman
Siai Marchetti SF-260 & sun with his identical scale model

100 Years Airfield Bonn-Hangelar Part 5 (made by Yellow Eagle)
aerobatic fligth North American P-51C Mustang warbird.
Formation flight "Quax" Historical aircrafts (Stieglitz FW-44, Stampe SV4 4C,
DH82 Tiger Moth, Bücker Jungmann, DHC1 Chipmunk, Klemm 107b)
Flight Fieseler Fi 156 C-7Storch

100 years airfield Bonn-Hangelar part 6:
Aerobatic show Extra EA 300S, Landing JU-52
Formation flight italian & Pioneer-Team 4 with smoke & firework


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Warbird Mustang P 51
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