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100 years Airfield Aero-Kiewit Hasselt Belgium 2009 (made by

Aerobatic show Philipp Steinbach with XtremeAir, OldtimerAircrafts: Blériot Thulin, Stampe SV-4B & SV-4E, Fokker DR-I Dreidecker, Aerobatics with biplane Scale model and a lot of aircrafts & gliders from visitors and members

100 years Airfield Bonn-Hangelar 2009 (made by with Quax Corso with historical Aircrafts: Stieglitz FW44, Stampe SV4C, DH82 Tiger Moth, Bücker Jungmann, DH1 Chipmunk, Klemm 107B, Banner launching with Piper PA-12, Boeing Stearman aerobatics, 5 Pipers PA-18, aerobatics with Warbird P-51 C Mustang, Helicoptershow , SF-260 Siai Marchetti, Extra 300 Aerobatic show, Wingwalking Boeing Stearman with Peggy Krainz, Fieseler Storch, Parachute dropping, Formationflight Pioneer 200 team, ...

Schaffen international Oldtimer Fly-in & Drive-in 2009 (made by

with. movies of Fokker DR-I Dreidecker, lots of Oldtimer aircrafts & cars & the visitors with sports aircrafts, microlight aircrafts, Deltaglider, Parapente,...

Yellow-Eagle presents Bullingen Fly-in 2009 (8 movies)

with biplane meeting FK12 Comet & Kiebitz, Antonov, Marchetti, Calypso, Zephyr, Gyrocopter and other microlight aircrafts,....

Yellow-Eagle presents Duxford Flying Legends 2009 (7 movies)

Airshow, testflights before the show, the museum,.... Mustangs P-51, Spitfires, Hurricanes, YAK 3U, YAK 9UM, Boeing B17, North American B-25 Mitchell, Douglas A-1 Skyraiders, Piper J-3C-65 Cubs, Hawker Fury/Seafury, Fokker DI, Nieuport 17/23, Lysander IIIA, P-40N Warhawk, Thulin/A/Blériot, Bf 108, Dakota C-53D, Lancaster V I,...

Yellow-Eagle presents Aero Friedrichshafen (10 movies)

Inside, outside with airshow, aircraft engines, airplanes, zeppelin,...

Yellow-Eagle adapted engines (1 movie)

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Warbird Mustang P 51
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